DERO – World’s Most Precise Centering Vises

The DERO company manufactures SWISS MADE Centering Vises for a variety of industrial clamping applications where ultra-precision, stiffness, high clamping torque and accurate repeatability is required.
Developed for use on 5-axis machining centers, the HRK centering vises are suited for individual part clamping and for pallet clamping on clamping systems.
The RS ultra-precision centering vises are made from stainless steel and are ideally used for various grinding, EDM and measuring operations.
DERO Company History & Information
DERO Vises and Machining Services is well established and positioned successfully in the field of high-precision machining and mechanical engineering. The company was founded in 1946 by Franz Degen and Werner Roth in the area of Basel, Switzerland in the heart of Europe.
DERO manufactures ultra-precision vises under its own brand name (DERO), and also fabricates ultra-precision lathe and milling machine spindles for well-known OEM’s, including made to order high-precision custom parts.
The company has represented Swiss quality and ultra-precision well for over 70 years and has garnered acclaim for offering the most precise vises in the world.  The DERO brand is your competent and reliable partner for high-quality clamping solutions in ultra-precision parts manufacturing and high-precision measuring operations.
All DERO products are distributed exclusively by IndustryControlling for the North American market.
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